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We are happy to announce that Visual Shopping List for the web is now release version 1.0

The most easy to use shopping list ever

One level categorization and two touches to reach any item

Minimal text entry!

You can use it
everywere on any device

any time on any browser
(even offline)

It is free software open source
web platform

Works like native app
without internet connection

Mobile Progressive progress

We have already released version 1.1 of Visual Shopping List for the web. We are planing to release v1.2 by the end of this month with synchronization between devices by email.
We are also developing new app related to recipes which will be also released by the end of June. It will be also free and open as Visual Shopping List. Stay in touch with us and not forget to send us your suggestions or feedback about the apps.


Visual Shopping List for the web 1.1 is out!

We are happy to announce that Visual Shopping List for the web version 1.1 is out. This version includes the following new features:

  • For iOS users. Easier installation and full screen support without the browser navigation elements. It is now possible to use "add to home screen" in the browser and the app will be installed like native app. Also it will work perfectly offline.
  • Firefox os manifest is added so it is possible to install the app on firefox os devices.
  • Print button and optimized two columns print layout when there, are more than 10 items in the list.
  • Custom item images. For now it is text prompt in which the users could paste image URL from internet.