Custom Software Develpment

Why outsource with us

Mobile Progressive Ltd is Bulgarian company started at 2012 by two of the most experienced mobile developers. Even we are creating free software innovations we are also working on outsourcing custom projects.

Our team offer the highest quality mobile software development

We are mobile development experts with rich knowledge and experience. We fine tune and optimize your software performance, memory usage and usability. We could always help you with your technical decisions and drive your app to the next level.

Maximum mobile platform coverage

We are developing native iOS apps, native Android apps, hybrid apps and multi-platform web based apps which run on all mobile platforms (firefox os, windows phone etc).

Save time and money

We could simultaneously start and develop Android and iOS versions of your apps. This way you save a lot of development and testing time. With our hybrid apps the development process is even shorter, both UI and logic source code is reused and at the end you have more scalable and easier to port application.

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Types of projects

iOS custom development

We are developing native iOS projects since 2009 and our experience covers nearly all iOS related technologies including Objective C, Xcode, UIKit, Core data, Foundation, Core Foundation, Core animation, etc. The iOS projects we have created vary from native versions of web sites, social media apps, voice over ip and games.

Android custom development

We are developing native android projects since 2010. The android projects we have created vary from native versions of web sites, media centered apps to low level network communication apps.

Hybrid multi-platform mobile apps

Partially web based hybrid multi-platform mobile apps (iOS and Android only) or completely multi-platform web based apps. We are developing our js library mp.js for multi-platform mobile apps. Visual shopping list for the web is written with mp.js library. This library is created for completely web based native looking mobile apps. It have native animation performance thanks to the css3 GPU optimized animations.

While it is possible to create all of your model, views and controllers in java script with mp.js it is also possible to use it for hybrid mobile apps and pass different device specific events (accelerometer, push notifications, etc) to the js interface. With mp.js you can achieve maximum platform coverage with minimum or none device specific code. This way you can save development time and expenses and achieve scalability and portability.

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Our team of expert mobile developers is creating iOS and Android projects
since 2009.

Julian Lubenov
Developer, CEO and founder
Julian is working on mobile apps since 2009 (Both iOS and Android). His experience varies from low level system programing, iOS objective C/C development, Android Java development, OpenGL ES (One interesting project is GPU optimized real time fluid simulations on mobile devices), Web development (both server side and client side). He has bachelor degree of informatics and master degree in applied mathematics (specialized in numerical methods for differential equations) in Sofia University.
Jordanka Lubenova
Developer and co-founder
Jordanka is working android apps since 2010. She is particularly interested in mobile and game development, using technologies like Java, GLSL and Android SDK. She is interested in image processing, computer vision and pattern recognition, dual quaternion skinning and numerical methods. Jordanka has also experience in the field of hardware design and verification. She has master degree in computer graphics and bachelor degree in applied mathematics both from Sofia University.