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We are happy to announce that Visual Shopping List for the web is now release version 1.2

The most easy to use shopping list ever

One level categorization and two touches to reach any item

Minimal text entry!

You can use it
everywere on any device

any time on any browser
(even offline)

It is free software open source
web platform

Works like native app
without internet connection

Privacy and Advertising the right way to do

We are currently developing amazing new advertising technology that will still ensure full privacy and data protection to the users.
We have also updated our privacy policy.
To summarize, this new methodology (and SDK in the future) will ensure:
1. No personal identifiable information will be sent to the advertisers from the websites showing the ADs.
2. The users will be in full control and will not be tracked unless they decide to click on the AD links in which case they may be tracked by the advertiser websites but no information from the website hosting the ADs will be sent to the advertiser.
3. The advertiser websites will be completely isolated and separated from the websites showing the ADs. They will not be able to run java script in their ADs.


Mobile Progressive so far

We have created the Visual Shopping List web app and the MPUI mobile web app framework designed to respect user's privacy. This app technology makes it possible for the VSL to run completelly offline on the web browser side, storing no user info on the server. MPUI has also special module enabling the VSL users to share their shopping lists by email, so users lists are always private.
We are inovating the mobile software industry with both technology and good practices.
If you are developer you can check our MPUI framework at github