Mobile Progressive so far

We have created the Visual Shopping List web app and the MPUI mobile web app framework designed to respect user's privacy. This app technology makes it possible for the VSL to run completelly offline on the web browser side, storing no user info on the server. MPUI has also special module enabling the VSL users to share their shopping lists by email, so users lists are always private.
We are inovating the mobile software industry with both technology and good practices.
If you are developer you can check our MPUI framework at github


Mobile Progressive updates

We are happy to announce version 1.2 of Visual Shopping List for the web. This version implements synchronization between devices by email. We also plan to add synchronization to the native android app soon.
Even we delayed VSL 1.2 several months more than we initially planned we are still planing to release a new app related to recipes.
Stay in touch with us and not forget to send us your suggestions or feedback about the apps.